An Exhibition of Lincolnshire chairs at Alford Manor

Alford Manor

An Exhibition of Lincolnshire chairs at Alford Manor, West St., Alford, Lincs, LN13 9HT

All are invited to this exhibition which started in April and continues until October 2019.

The exhibition includes a variety of types of chair, from early 18th century Forest chairs (the earliest form of Windsor chair) to 18th and 19th century rush-seated and Windsor chairs from the county as well as some examples of cabinet makers’ chairs. Where known, the names of  the makers and places of origin of the chairs, are identified. The exhibition will be of interest to all those with an interest in regional types of chair, whether from Lincolnshire or elsewhere, including those interested in their family history who may have inherited a ‘family chair’.

The exhibition has been organised by William Sergeant who has curated two short exhibitions of Lincolnshire Chairs in recent years, and is mainly sourced from his own Museum. Such has been the success of these events that he has managed to negotiate this longer Exhibition at Alford Manor House in North East Lincolnshire.

An online catalogue was created for the items on display. Now that the exhibition has finished, the catalogue has been converted into a blog by Julian Parker and William Sergeant about Lincolnshire Windsor and rush-seated chairs; it also covers chairs from other regions which catch their eye.