Regional Furniture Society – Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

National restrictions on meetings have recently been strengthened due to the resurgence of the
coronavirus; the expectation of a second wave affecting both London and certain provincial areas
means the regulations are extremely unlikely to be relaxed in time to organise a normal AGM as
intended. Our plan to hold the meeting at the Museum of the Home, announced in the Newsletter,
has therefore been thwarted.

The Council has decided the only viable option, if we are to approve our Annual Report in time for
submission to the Charity Commission, is to hold a Zoom Annual General Meeting. This will also allow
us to confirm Council Members for the next year, allowing the Society to function next year.

The Annual General Meeting of the Regional Furniture Society will be held by Zoom at 2:30 p.m. on
Saturday 24 October.

Will all members who wish to take part email the Secretary on:

The Secretary will then forward to those members the access code for the Zoom meeting.
The Annual Report and Accounts for 2019 are also available on the website; any member requiring a
paper version should send an A4 self-addressed envelope to the Secretary, requesting a copy.

Jeremy Rycroft

An agenda and any further essential details on the conduct of the meeting will be forwarded with the
Zoom access code. While every attempt will be made to allow full interaction, the technology is new
to us, so we ask members to bear with us.

The Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2019 may be found here.