Regional Furniture Society: Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021

While we are confident that the Annual Conference will go ahead in Lincolnshire in June, fewer have understandably applied this year and as we revive last year’s arrangements, there may be formal restrictions on numbers allowed at some venues. It all points to a need for flexibility in the Conference programme.

To simplify matters, we have decided to hold the AGM by Zoom again this year. It means we can go ahead regardless of any Conference constraints. Whether this is repeated will depend on members’ preferences on AGM format for the future.

The Annual General Meeting of the Regional Furniture Society will be held by Zoom at 6:30 p.m. on Monday 14 June.

Members who have supplied their email address to Di Halliwell Membership Secretary will receive a personal email notification giving Zoom details and attaching the Agenda and the Minutes of the last AGM and the Annual Report and Accounts for 2020.

Members who have not yet provided their email address and who wish to take part in the AGM should email the Secretary on:

The Secretary will then forward to those members the access code for the Zoom meeting and the Agenda and the Minutes of the last AGM and the Annual Report & Accounts for 2020.

The Annual Report and Accounts for 2020 are also available on the website; any member requiring a paper version should send an A4 self-addressed envelope to the Secretary, requesting a copy.

Jeremy Rycroft