Risk Policy

The Trustees intend to pursue the Society’s Objects in an effective, open and democratic way, with the minimum financial risk.

In order to minimise financial risk, the Trustees will aim to maintain the value of membership subscriptions, will adopt a prudent investment strategy guided by external advice, will maintain sufficient cash available to fund activities and finally will limit activities to what they know the Society can fund.

The Society will accept bequests and donations, but it will not raise funds through formal fund-raising or borrowing.

The Trustees are also committed to pursuing the Society’s Objects in an open and fair manner: behaving democratically on the Council, declaring any personal interests and delegating appropriate activities to properly constituted sub-committees. They are also committed to trying to maintain the skills needed to lead the Society in to the future.

On behalf of the Trustees, the Treasurer and the Secretary will review the Risk Policy, Risk Assessment and Management Arrangements regularly and report to the autumn meeting of Council any issues arising.

The Secretary will continue to ensure all new Trustees are vetted in line with Charity Commission requirements.

See the full Risk Policy statement here: 2018 Risk Policy