About the RFS

502_2005_006The Regional Furniture Society studies the rich diversity of British regional furniture-making traditions, and the social and cultural context of furniture from the earliest times to the present day. This includes the development of furniture designs in relation to vernacular architecture and the organisation of domestic interiors, workshop practices, the use of tools, construction techniques and the surface treatment and decoration of furniture. The term ‘regional’ is used loosely to refer to differences between nations and regions (Wales, Scotland, the South west) and traditions rooted in particular towns, villages or workshops. We are interested both in British influence on furniture design in North America, Australia and elsewhere, and in continental and other overseas influences on British furniture.

The Society was founded in 1984, and is now well established with over 400 members who include collectors, furniture makers, restorers, antique dealers, museum curators, students and furniture historians. It has a growing membership in North America.

It is an open body which encourages interchange with those with interests in related fields, e.g. vernacular architecture, clock-making, tools and metalwork, textiles and upholstery, and dendrochronology.

The Society organizes a programme of events which include an annual conference, visits to public and private collections, an annual lecture, discussions of current research, and occasional foreign visits (e.g. Paris and Burgundy, Transylvania) We publish an annual journal containing articles based on research, and a twice-yearly Newsletter containing details of planned events, short articles, and reports on past events.

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