Research Bursaries

The RFS welcomes applications for financial support towards research into regional furniture.

A small number of bursaries of up to £750 each are awarded annually. These are designed to encourage and support research projects related to regional furniture, with a view to publication. The research may be undertaken as part of a university or college course requirement, or as an entirely independent exercise.

Janet Dewdney bursaries (up to £750), are awarded specifically for research into early furniture and woodwork, with a view to publication. A Janet Dewdney bursary may be combined with a standard bursary to give a total award of up to £1500.

Chris Pickvance bursaries (up to £2,000) are awarded specifically for research (with a view to publication) into pre-1500 chests in Britain (including imported chests but not aspects of post-Mediaeval afterlife such as 19th century attitudes or antiquarian creations). A Chris Pickvance bursary may be combined with a Janet Dewdney bursary (but not a standard bursary as well) to give a total award of up to £2,750.

There are two rounds for applications each year. The deadlines are 31 January and 31 July.


  • Individual members of the Regional Furniture Society and students at member colleges/universities are eligible to apply. Non-members are eligible to apply for a bursary once only, and will also receive one year’s free membership.
  • Research into any aspect of regional furniture will be considered. Please see About the RFS on the society’s website for information about its aims and activities.
  • The award may be used to assist with travel, photography, technical analyses such as dendrochronology or paint microscopy, or any other essential expenses associated with the research. It may not be used to pay for activities already undertaken.

Download the application form here:

RFS Research Bursary Application Form (Word docx)

RFS Research Bursary application form (pdf)