The Regional Furniture Society Newsletter is published twice a year. It contains announcements about future events and research days, Chair’s reports, Council Members’ reports and notices, visit and event reports, short research pieces, book reviews, obituaries,  appeals and members’ correspondence.

The copy dates for the next two Newsletters are 16 April 2023 and 6 November 2023. Please send MS Word files (without embedded images) and separate high-resolution images (jpegs or tiffs), preferably by email, to Linda Hall at

Past research articles, visit and event reports, book reviews and obituaries which have been published in the newsletters between 1985 and 2023 have been scanned. They are made available on the website three years after the print publication is sent to members.

Past print copies of the Newsletter are held at a number of  libraries across the UK and in the RFS Archive at The Museum of the Home. For a comprehensive listing use this link. The particular holdings, access, loan and reader arrangements will be specific to each institution. Now that the back archive has been scanned and made available via the links on this page, access is much simpler.