Successful awards 2004-2018

2018    Event Bursaries awarded to Eva Kasser and Ines Bravo – Reports in RFS Newsletter,  Autumn 2018

2015    Chris Pickvance  East Kent Medieval Chests – ‘”Kentish Gothic” or imported? Understanding a group of early 15th century tracery-carved medieval chests in Kent and Norfolk’, Archaeologia Cantiana, 2017, 138, 105-128

‘The Canterbury group of arcaded gothic early medieval chests: a dendrochronological and comparative study’, The Antiquaries Journal, 98, 2018, 149-185

2012    Chris Pickvance: The ‘domed’ chest at Fordwich Town Hall, Kent – ‘Medieval domed chests in Kent: a contribution to a national and international study’, Regional Furniture, 26, 2012, 105-147

2010    Valerie and David Bryant: Spinning wheels in the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Science Museum London –  ‘Joseph Doughty, a York Spinning-Wheel Maker’, Regional Furniture, 25, 2011, 1-24

2007    Noel Riley: A Bookcase for a Parochial Library ‘The Case for a Parochial Library’, Regional Furniture, 21, 2007. 255-268

2007    Chris Pickvance: The Faversham Chest ‘Medieval tracery-carved clamp-fronted chests: the ‘Kentish Gothic’ chests of Rainham, Faversham and Canterbury in comparative perspective’, Regional Furniture, 21, 2007, 67-94

2006    Susan Stuart: Gillows as Sub-Contractors of Common Chairs ‘More about Gillows’ ‘Country’ Chairs’, Regional Furniture, 24, 2010, 83-120

2005    Dave Hutchinson: A study of the Parish and Regional variations in chairs made in the Caithness tradition.  CD and booklet.