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The current issue (Volume 30 – 2016) of Regional Furniture is only available to RFS members, but back issues are published on this website after a three year delay. You can read these online, download or print them free of charge using the links below.

Volume 29 – 2015

  • A Small Scottish Chair.  Aidan Harrison
  • Distinguishing American from English Furniture by Wood Use. Philip D. Zimmerman
  • Ancient Without and Modern Within: The Noble Houses of Post Restoration Scotland and their Furnishings. Charles Wemyss
  • The Domestic Context for Gillows’ Rush- and Cane-Seated Chairs. John Boram
  • The Slow Arrival of Renaissance Influence on English Furniture: A Study of the 1519 Silkstede, Shanklin and the 1539 Garstang, Cirencester Chests. Christopher Pickvance

Volume 28 – 2014

  • The Cotehele Cupboard: An Elegy in Oak. Tina O’Connor
  • The Cotehele Cupboard Revisited: One Cupboard or Two? Adam Bowett
  • A Seventeenth-Century Sussex Woodcarver: The Evidence of Cast Ironwork. Jeremy Hodgkinson
  • A Remarkable Survival: A Set of Six Eighteenth-Century Forest Chairs Retaining Much of Their Original Paintwork. Robert F. Parrott
  • Saving the Great House Press: Observations Made during the Dismantling and Rebuilding of a Seventeenth-Century Built-in Lake District Press-Cupboard. Frank Wood
  • An Early Seventeenth-Century Armchair from Cheshire. Adam Bowett
  • Three Eighteenth-Century Windsor Chairs Possibly Made in Bristol. Robert F. Parrott and John Boram
  • ‘Durham’ Armchairs and Cupboards. John Gall and Peter Brears
  •  Daniel Livingstone, I Presume. John Hawkins

Volume 27 – 2013

  • Inventories and the Changing Furnishings of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, 1717–1819. Jon Stobart
  • Furnishing for Gentility: Evidence from Small Classical Houses in Gloucestershire, 1680–1770. Stephen G. Hague
  • Beds of ‘Chapel’ Form in Sixteenth-Century Scottish Inventories: The Worst Sort of Bed, Michael Pearce
  • Social, Economic, and Geographical Differences in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Homes: The Evidence from Inventories. Lesley Hoskins
  • Producer, not Consumer:The Paradox of Eighteenth-Century Sheffield and Its ‘Missing’ Middling Society. Julie Banham
  • Drawing Rooms, Dining Rooms and Parlours in the Homes of London’s Middling Sorts 1740–1810. Eleanor John

Volume 26 – 2012

  • A Small Scottish Chest. Aidan Harrison
  • A Tudor Cupboard at Cotehele and Associated Carpentry Work from the Welsh Marches. Nicholas Riall
  • Dendrochronologically Dated Doors in Great Britain. Martin Bridge and Daniel Miles
  • Medieval Domed Chests in Kent: A Contribution to a National and International Study. Christopher Pickvance
  • A Regional Perspective on the Innovative Development of Light Chairs. John Boram

Volume 25 – 2011 

  • Joseph Doughty, a York Spinning-Wheel Maker. Valerie and David Bryant
  • A Review of the Information Gained from Dendrochronologically Dated Chests in England. Martin Bridge and Daniel Miles
  • Five Generations of Buckinghamshire Chair Makers: the Lovegrove Family of Eton and Upton cum Chalvey. Robert F. Parrott
  • A Specimen Wood Workbox of 1808 by Gillows, Lancaster. Adam Bowett
  • The Wakefield Cabinet Maker’s Society Box, 1790. Adam Bowett

Volume 24 – 2010

  • Contents  – Editorial
  • Forest Chairs, the First Portable Garden Seats, and the Probable Origin of the Windsor Chair, Bob Parrott
  • Lake District Press Cupboards and Salt Cupboards, Sarah Woodcock
  • New Light on Fish and Verlander, John Stabler
  • Makers of Dy’d, Fancy and Painted Chairs, John Boram
  • More about Gillows’ ‘Country’ Chairs, Susan Stuart
  • Elaborated Woodwork in Devon Churches, Don White
  • 2010 contributors

Volume 23 – 2009:  A Biographical Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Antique and Curiosity Dealers, Mark Westgarth

Volume 22 – 2008: London Furniture

Volume 21 – 2007: furniture in churches

Volume 20 – 2006: the 2006 Journal was entitled A Dictionary of Norfolk Furniture Makers, 1700-1840 by John Stabler.  It is also available in book form; for further details see here.

Volume 19  – 2005

Volume 18 – 2004

Volume 17 – 2003: The 2003 Journal was titled Roger Warner: Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Antique Dealer. It is also available in book form at the price of £20.00.

Volume 16 – 2002 : The 2002 Journal focused upon Scottish furniture comprising five articles of original research into furniture connected to Scotland, and a complete reprint of ‘The Glasgow Cabinet Maker’s Book of Prices’ 1806.

Volume 15 – 2001

Volume 14  – 2000 

Volume 13 –  1999

Volume 12 – 1998:  the 1998 Journal concentrated on the work of Gillow’s of Lancaster 

Volume 11 – 1997

Volume 10 – 1996

Volume 9 – 1995

Volume 8 – 1994

Volume 7 – 1993: An Anthology of Regional Furniture with Maker’s Identification

Volume 6 – 1992

Volume 5 – 1991

Volume 4 – 1990

Volume 3 – 1989

Volume 2 – 1988

Volume 1 – 1987