East European chest, probably Romanian but possibly Hungarian, needs new home

This painted East European chest, probably Romanian but possibly Hungarian, is in need of a new home. It is 3ft 3in wide, 1ft 10in deep and 2ft 9in high (99cm x 56cm x 84cm). Members who went on the Transylvanian trip in 2012 will remember seeing similar examples. This type of chest was still being made in the 19th and 20th centuries. 
The owner, Jill Robson, would be happy to pass it on as a gift to a suitable home. She does not want it to go back into the trade.
Any member interested in acquiring the chest should contact Jill Robson on 01433 620350.

Claudia Kinmonth’s Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings 1700-2000: Signed copies and a 20% Discount for RFS members

This month sees the publication of Claudia Kinmonth’s keenly awaited Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings 1700-2000 (pp. 550 illus 448., Cork University Press). Following the Society’s Irish tour last year and as a thank you to the RFS for its support for the book Claudia has arranged a special 20% discount from the publisher for RFS members on the RRP €39.00 or £35.00 (plus p&p.), valid until the end of December. The book will also be available from good bookshops by about 20 November 2020, and online, usually free of postage, from Book Depository. To order a signed copy from the publisher, email: maureen.fitzgerald@ucc.ie and quote the code ‘RFS’. Signed copies must be ordered before 31 December 2020. Listen to Claudia’s recent interview on BBC Radio Ulster (at 26 mins 40 seconds into the programme). For more information please check Claudia’s website and her Twitter.

AGM Reminder

You will already have seen a post indicating that the AGM has had to be arranged as a Zoom meeting. It indicated that you should contact Jeremy Rycroft on justj2r2@gmail.com to obtain the code and password. This arrangement stops non-members accessing and interfering with the meeting. We need more members to join the AGM to reach our quorum. Please email Jeremy to get the meeting reference code and log on Saturday 24 October at 2:30 p.m., if you are able to. You will be sent a copy of the Agenda, last year’s AGM minutes and some guidance on using Zoom. If you have questions, please send these in in advance to Jeremy Rycroft too, if possible, so someone is ready to answer them.

The Butter Museum in Cork

The Regional Furniture Society visited the Butter Museum in Cork during its visit to Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in September 2019.  The film below was made by the Butter Museum as part of a conservation project. The explanations of butter-making are by Dr Claudia Kinmonth, author of the book Irish Country Furniture. A revised edition of the book is being published by Cork University Press.  Claudia received a grant towards the production of this book from the Society.

Butter Museum Culture Night 2020

Index to the Newsletters

The index of all the pieces which have appeared in the Newsletters has been updated for the most recent issue No 73.

William Sergeant has pointed out to me that in my own piece about chairs in Lincolnshire wills and inventories the links in the Newsletter piece are tricky to navigate. 

The links below should remedy the issue:

1452: A Flemish chair in the inventory of William Duffield, Canon Residentiary of York, Southwell and Beverley, and Fellow of Merton College, Oxford

1505 to 1530 & 1530 to 1532: early references to chairs, stools, forms, trestles and settles in Lincolnshire Wills

1532 to 1534: early references to chairs in Lincolnshire Wills

1661 – 1714 Probate Inventories – what were the citizens of Lincoln sitting on during the reigns of Charles II, James II, William & Mary and Anne?

1663 – Bishop Sanderson’s Flagg-Bottomed Chairs and Other Stories

1665 – Inventory of John Brooke, Chair maker of St Martin’s Parish, Lincoln

1691 – Inventory of William Botamley, Chair maker of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

1696 – Probate Inventory of John Dring of St Peter’s in the Arches, Lincoln 4th December 1696

1705 – John Ashton late of Spalding in the County of Lincoln, chair maker – Inventory

1718 – 1729 The comparative value of an early 18th century Windsor chair

Julian Parker

Website Editor

Regional Furniture Society – Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

National restrictions on meetings have recently been strengthened due to the resurgence of the
coronavirus; the expectation of a second wave affecting both London and certain provincial areas
means the regulations are extremely unlikely to be relaxed in time to organise a normal AGM as
intended. Our plan to hold the meeting at the Museum of the Home, announced in the Newsletter,
has therefore been thwarted.

The Council has decided the only viable option, if we are to approve our Annual Report in time for
submission to the Charity Commission, is to hold a Zoom Annual General Meeting. This will also allow
us to confirm Council Members for the next year, allowing the Society to function next year.

The Annual General Meeting of the Regional Furniture Society will be held by Zoom at 2:30 p.m. on
Saturday 24 October.

Will all members who wish to take part email the Secretary on: justj2r2@gmail.com

The Secretary will then forward to those members the access code for the Zoom meeting.
The Annual Report and Accounts for 2019 are also available on the website; any member requiring a
paper version should send an A4 self-addressed envelope to the Secretary, requesting a copy.

Jeremy Rycroft

An agenda and any further essential details on the conduct of the meeting will be forwarded with the
Zoom access code. While every attempt will be made to allow full interaction, the technology is new
to us, so we ask members to bear with us.

The Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2019 may be found here.